Anuradha Varma

Anuradha Varma

Anuradha Varma is an an avid design blogger, entrepreneur, freelance writer and keen photographer. Anu has worked in the travel industry in New Delhi and the United States with a focus on Marketing and Brand Management. Back in India, Anu was responsible for building an international brand image for Tourism Australia. She managed all public relations activities, media relations, advertising, brand development, and promotional events. Additionally, Anu organized publicity campaigns in magazines, journals, newspapers and television.

One of the highlights of her job as was working with Channel V, a popular entertainment television channel in India. Another memorable experience was collaborating with India Today Plus magazine to create a special feature spread promoting the 2000 Sydney Olympics. She developed some of the content and supervised the photo shoot in Australia with some of the top Indian models and fashion designers. Ten years ago, Anu founded My Dream Canvas. A blog that helps her stay connected with her passion for writing, travel, and interiors.

My Dream Canvas is primarily a lifestyle blog and chronicles her thoughts on design and décor.  Anu has grown to become an influencer on social media due to her blog which shares inspirations and ideas for the home.  Her work has been featured in numerous publications over the years. She believes that My Dream Canvas is a platform for creative homeowners and artists to promote their work and ideas. She is also an avid photographer and her greatest inspiration is the beauty found here in the Pacific Northwest.

A few years later, Anu also began her entrepreneurial journey by creating an online boutique called The Shop at My Dream Canvas. The inspiration for this venture is her passion for treasure hunting and thus began the journey of her curated store. The Shop at My Dream Canvas is a collection of Global treasures and Eclectic finds for the home.