Deepti Agrawal Mittal

Deepti Agrawal Mittal

Deepti Agrawal Mittal, an artist and designer is a specialist of Madhubani Painting, a Classical Indian Visual Art. She has been into learning, teaching and exhibiting this art form since 1992.

An MBA Finance Gold Medalist and a corporate professional, Deepti finds her passion-to-create at the top of her priority list. Practicing art was like a parallel routine right from childhood even though she has never taken any formal training. Her knowledge in art was limited to “Madhubani Painting” which finds its roots in Bihar exactly where Deepti was born and spent her early days.

‘Deepti Designs’ is a means developed by her to fuel this passion. Every single art piece under the banner is a concoction of strong ideas, visual experiences and a unique thought-process. She is a fast emerging and versatile artist who is uniquely experimental in her approach.

Her tagline “It’s Trendy to be Traditional” rightly suggests that she is capitalizing on her experience in this ancient art form and her interest in the contemporary styles to create a whole new genre of art that would appeal to the modern audience. She blends the beauty of various Indian and International arts such as Kalamkari, Australian aboriginal dotilism, Zentangle, Islamic geometry etc. with her forte Madhubani Painting to create stunning visual narratives. Her paintings are infused with dramatic details, myriad colors and several textures which produce a graphic splendor to take you deep into her world of colors, imaginations and beauty.

Deepti’s art is the “Expression of her Life and the Celebration of World Around”. Nature is her greatest muse as she draws her inspiration from the vivid colors of the delicate flora and the glorious fauna. There are no sketchbooks, reference images, or thought diary. She primarily draws out of her extravagant imagination and her memory of a beautiful vision, layering multitude colors and ideas to bring about a complex and strong body of work. Her compositions are multifaceted pictorial chronicles that leave a long lasting imprint in the minds and reach out to the soul of an art lover.

Her canvases are in galleries in USA and her paintings are featured in global art magazines. Since some of her art pieces inspired with spirituality are deemed ataractic, they are invited for shows in cancer centers in New Hampshire, USA.

Despite achieving greater height, Deepti is strongly attached to her roots. She donates a part of her art-sale to those less-fortunate women artists in the rurals of Bihar who she informally got trained from. She strongly believes that those unnamed artisans are the true keepers of this Indian heritage which is ancient and timeless and the legacy of which needs to be passed on to the generations ahead.