Our Story

Winter of 2015, it was a cold lazy Seattle Sunday morning. Perfect day to do nothing! Sitting all wrapped up next to the fireplace with my hands wrapped around a cup of heartwarming tea. All seemed well in this world! Then, my moment of calm peace is broken by the annoying ding of FB messenger. My friend sends me a flyer to take one day art workshop with these exact words “Since you are interested in arts, thought about you!”.  Yes, there is no rest for the weary! Little did I know that the simple “thought about you” message from my friend Nirmala, lovingly nicknamed Nimu, would be the start of an interesting journey of self-discovery. Nimu is a talented interior designer in her own right, and runs an amazing home decor blog Ochre Cottage Earthy Treasures. The art workshop was being taught by Deepti Agrawal Mittal of Deepti Designs - It's Trendy to be Traditional. If you meet Deepti, you’ll know, this gal has the chops! This beautiful and talented lady is a well-known Madhubani artist and has done multiple workshops all over USA. Madhubani is an ancient art form and may have its origins going back to the time of the Ramayana. Deepti was going to teach us how to make the Surya Chandra Mandala. The Surya Chandra Mandala translates to Sun Moon Mandala, and it is Deepti’s contemporary take on the indigenous Madhubani design. "Art workshop, why not?", I told myself, 2015 was not going to be the year to waste! I signed up for the class. Deepti and I got talking during the class and she told me the story of how her mother had started a fashion business based on the ancient Madhubani art form. Deepti's mother was getting the women of her village to hand paint her designs and selling the paintings to the high fashion houses in India. The money from the business helped the women to provide for their families. The business gave opportunity and hope to the women whose villages and communities were being destroyed by rapid urbanization. The workshop was over, and I wanted to go back to my fireplace and warm cup of tea. Nothing really happened for the next few days, but then, seeds of inspiration take time to find its ground! Deepti and her mother had inspired me to think about these women. I thought about how if given the right opportunity, these women could flourish in their own communities. I called Deepti and shared my thoughts. “We can start a business together making environmentally and socially conscious products inspired by the indigenous artists all over the world”, I told Deepti. A percentage of profits will go to create opportunities for women in third world countries. Our minds resonated and Higher Sensibility Company was born. I wouldn’t say the rest is history, as we still have to make one! It is, however, our sincere and heartfelt effort towards making the world a better place!